Many people find this quest useful because it gives Ava's Attractor as a reward.  This makes Range a lot easier because it will "attract" most of your ammo back into your quiver.  It can also attract random ammo, like arrows and knives.  They randomly appear in your inventory when you are wearing the device.

Quest RequirementsEdit

Must have completed:Edit

Skill Requirements:Edit

Items Required:Edit

  • Mithril Hatchet
  • Holy symbol
  • Ghostspeak amulet
  • 20 Ectotokens
  • 5 iron bars
  • Hammer
  • Polished buttons (these can be obtained from the H.A.M. hideout)
  • Hard leather

Items Recommended:Edit

  • Teleports to Burthorpe, Port Phastmatys, and Draynor Village

Quest RewardsEdit

  • Ava's Attractor
  • 1000 Crafting xp
  • 1000 Fletching xp
  • 1000 Slayer xp
  • 2500 Woodcutting xp
  • 1 Quest point

Quest GuideEdit

  1. Start the Quest by speaking to Ava, who is located inside Draynor Manor.  She will ask you do her a favor and get her two undead chickens.
  2. Teleport to Port Phastmatys and go to the farm west of the temple.  Make sure you have your ghostspeak amulet with you.  Ask the woman in the farmhouse if you can buy some of her chickens.  She will ask you to speak to her husband.  He will ask you to speak to her.  They will go back and forth until finally you suggest getting a modified ghostspeak amulet for the farmer to wear so he can speak with his wife.
  3. Unequip your ghostspeak amulet and go to the little house east of the Slayer tower and ask the crone if she will modify the amulet.  She will give you another amulet to give to the farmer.
  4. Go back to the farm and give the ghost farmer the amulet.  He will now be able to speak to his wife.  Talk to him again and ask to buy a couple of chickens.  There will be a short cutscene.
  5. Go back to Ava in Draynor Manor and give her the chickens.
  6. Talk to the witch in the next room over and ask her about magnets.  She will ask you to bring her 5 iron bars.  She will give you back a selected bar.
  7. Go to the Rimmington Mine and hammer the selected bar to turn it into a magent.  Make sure you are facing north when you do this.
  8. Return to Ava and give her the magnet.  Next, she will ask you to try to chop one of the trees outside that attacks back.  Go outside and try to chop one with a hatchet that is at least mithril.  The axe will bounce off the wood.
  9. Go back to Ava and tell her about the trees.  She will tell you to go talk to Turael, the Burthorpe Slayer master.
  10. Go to Burthorpe and ask Turael about the trees.  He will tell you that the only way to chop down the trees is to use a mithril hatchet with a blessed silver edge.  Give him the mithril hatchet and the blessed symbol and he will give you a blessed hatchet.  This hatchet can only be used to chop the weird trees.
  11. Return to Draynor Manor and chop a branch off the tree.  This may take a few tries.  Give the branch to Ava. 
  12. Ava will now ask you to translate some research notes.  Take the research notes from her and read them.  A screen will come up, showing a bunch of squiggly lines and pictures that makes no sense.  There will be a line of button along the bottom of the research notes.  Turn these on and off until you get a message that says the notes now make sense. There should be only three buttons on.
  13. Use the notes with Ava, and she will give you back a pattern.  She will tell you to bring her some polished buttons and a piece of hard leather.
  14. Polished buttons can be gotten from the H.A.M. hideout in the middle of the forest west of Lumbridge Castle.  Pick the lock on the trapdoor and either pickpocket the members or kill the guards until you get some buttons.  Polish the buttons by right clicking on them.
  15. Use the pattern, hard leather, and buttons together to get a container.  Talk to Ava again, and the quest will be completed.
    Animal magnetism complete