A male character in full Proselyte (m)

Standing around and getting beaten up by the monsters of Runescape.  A sturdy pair of platelegs, or strong dragonhide body can help turn the tide in any fight!  Wearing armour that best can protect you from one of the three forms of combat, Melee, Range, or Magic, can save you quite a bit of food in a battle.

Smithable Melee Armour SetsEdit

A typical method of acquiring armour is through the Smithing Skill.  Depending on your Smithing level, you can craft the armor that can serve you well in any fight, provided you have the proper Defence level as well.

Special ArmourEdit

All though Runite Armour is considered to be the best, readily available armour in Runescape, it can be out shined by a other more powerful armours, or armours that offer a special bonus.  Initiate Armour and Proselyte Armour are two types of armour that provide a healthy defence bonus, but also provide a bonus to prayer as well.  Some of the special types of armour include: