Attack was a skill released originally with Runescape.  It is one of the 3 melee combat skills that directly effects the accuracy of the player.  This skill is also one of the requirements for a player to wield a salamander, along with the required Range and Magic levels.

What It DoesEdit

Attack improves the chances of you hitting your enemies, or your accuracy. It can be trained using the "Accurate" style melee stance.  Attack also lets you use certain types of weapons.

Weapons types by Level:

Bronze (Level 1)

Iron (Level 1)

Steel (Level 5)

Black (Level 10)

Mithril (Level 20)

Adamantine (Level 30)

Runite (Level 40)

Dragon (Level 60)

Abyssal Whip (Level 70)

Barrows equipment (Level 70 Attack, plus Strength or Magic)


An Attack level is also required in order to wield the four different types of salamander, including the swamp variation which is technically a lizard.