Cook's Assistant is one of the first Quests availible to players.  Many players complete this Quest in early time periods due to its ease and short amount of time  To start, speak to the chef on the first floor of the Lumbridge Castle.

Quest RequirementsEdit

  • There are no Quest requirements to begin this Quest.

Skill Requirements:Edit

  • There are no Skill requirements to begin this Quest.

Items Needed to Complete QuestEdit

  • 1 egg
  • 1 bucket of milk
  • 1 pot of flour

All of these items can be aquired in Lumbridge.


  1. Speak to the Cook in Lumbridge Castle.  The room he is in has a checkered floor.  He will ask you to fetch him an Egg, a Pot of flour , and a Bucket of milk, the ingredients required to make a Cake.
  2. To get the egg, go to the farm across the River Lum and a little north of the bridge.  There should be an egg sitting in the north-west corner of the yard with the chickens in it.
  3. To get the pot of flour, buy a pot for 2gp at the general store or pick one up somewhere.  Follow the path on the west side of the river until you reach a field filled with wheat.  Pick some wheat and head north of the wheat field to the windmill.  Climb up three ladders until you reach the top of the windmill.  Put the grain in the hopper, then pull the levers.  Climb back down and use the pot with the flour on the bottom floor.
  4. To get the bucket of milk, get a bucket and either go north of the windmill to a cow field or east of the farm with the egg.  Both fields have a dairy cow.  Use the bucket with the dairy cow.
  5. Return to the Cook and give him the ingredients to complete the quest.


  • Ability to use the range in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle, which has a lower chance of burning food than other ranges.
  • 300 Cooking Experience