Goblins are green.  There are different levels of goblins, including level 2 and level 5.  They worship the Big High War God.


Goblins are found in different locations.

  • Lumbridge (Level 2)
  • Goblin Village (Level 5)
  • Between Port Sarim and Rimmington
  • North of Draynor Village
  • West of Varrock (Level 5)
  • Goblin Cave near Fishing Guild


  • Bones (100% chance)
  • Coins, 1-25
  • Bronze bolts (8)
  • Bronze Axe
  • Bronze sword
  • Bronze spear
  • Bronze dagger
  • Bronze sq shield
  • Brass necklace
  • Beer
  • Air rune
  • Body rune (7)
  • Water rune (6)
  • Earth Rune (4)
  • Nature Rune
  • Air talisman
  • Chef's Hat
  • Clue Scroll (Easy)
  • Goblin Mail
  • Goblin Book
  • Grapes
  • Cape (Red)

The goblins at the Goblin Village drop armour that is the same color that they are wearing, either red or green.  It is non-tradeable.

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