Magic is a skill in which players use runes to cast spells. These spells serve many uses such as teleportation, combat, jewelry enchant, etc. As a player's levels increase, they can cast a wider variety of spells, as well as switch between different spell books which allows for different spells to be cast.


Link to Runecrafting: Types of Runes

Magic requires runes in order to cast any type of spell.  A certain amount of runes are required to cast one spell, with the amount of runes needed increasing dependent on both the type of spell, and its level.  All types of rune, except the Soul rune and Blood rune, can be made using the Runecrafting skill.

Basic Spellbook SpellsEdit

These spells are the type of spells that can be cast by any player, without completing a Quest or any other type of requirement.  The Basic Spellbook offers a large range of skilling spells as well as combat spells.