Mining is the gathering of ores in order for them to be either sold to other players or smith into a wide number of different types of bars.  Ores are gathered through the use of a Pickaxe used to mine on a mineral rock located usually in the mines of Runescape.  There is also a chance of mining rare gems from the rocks.

Types of OresEdit

Currently, there are ten different basic types of ores, along with some uncommon ores.

The types of ores availble in Old-School Runescape are:

Special Types of ResourcesEdit

The special types of ores are either only attained during a Quest or require a quest to use, and as such are not listed under basic ore types.  These include:

  • Rune Essence  (Level 1 Mining) Quest Requirement: Rune Mysteries
  • Limestone (Level 10 Mining)
  • Blurite (Level 10 Mining)  Quest Requirement: The Knight's Sword
  • Elemental Ore (Level 20 Mining)
  • Daeyalt (Level 20 Mining)
  • Pure Essence (Level 30 Mining) Quest Requirement: Rune Mysteries
  • Sandstone (Level 35 Mining)
  • Gem Rocks (Level 40 Mining)
  • "Perfect" Gold (Level 40 Mining) Quest Requirement: Family Crest
  • Granite (Level 45 Mining)
  • Lunar Ore (Level 60 Mining)

Mining LocationsEdit

Locations of mining sites where ores are prevelant or contain special ores.

  • Al Kharid Mining Site
  • Barbarian Village
  • Seer's Village Coal Trucks
  • Crafting Guild
  • Crandor Island, North Mining Site
  • Crandor Island, South Mining Site
  • Falador Dwarven Mine
  • Edgeville Dungeon Mine
  • Grand Tree Mines