There is a large variety of different monsters that inhabit Runescape.  From weak Goblins to terrifying Black Demons, the unprepared adventurer could find themselves challenges they're not ready to face.  Use this page as a guide to see you through the toughest fights!

Basic Monsters.Edit

The regular monsters of Runescape, these monsters can be found in large numbers all over Runescape, and drop a variety of items.

Slayer MonstersEdit

Some Monsters require a specific Slayer level in order to kill them.  These monsters are generally found in large groups, and in determined locations, such as the Slayer Tower.

Boss Monsters.Edit

If you're finding Demons, Dragons, and rats a little too easy, you might want to try your hand against some of Runescape's Bosses.  Great rewards come to those capable of slaying these fierce beasts!