These are the official patch notes, quoted directly from Old School Runescape's forum at

22nd February, 2013Edit

  • Player owned Housing and the Construction skill have been temporarily disabled.
  • The Barbarian Assault minigame has been temporary disabled.
  • The Slug Menace quest has been temporary disabled.
  • The Death to the Dorgeshuun quest has been temporary disabled.
  • Unidentified herbs have been changed to grimy herbs.
  • The respawn timer for resources and NPC’s on Tutorial Island has been reduced.
  • An issue with players being able to eat food with 0 HP has been fixed.
  • An issue with players being stuck on Fishing Trawler minigame has been fixed.
  • The logout timer has been changed from 90 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • Various performance improvement fixes have been made.
  • Various security improvement fixes have been made.

25th February 2013Edit

  • The change for herbs from "unidentified" to "grimy" was reverted, by popular request.
  • Trade/Challenge offers will work more reliably for players with spaces in their names.
  • Behind-the-scenes preparatory work for a downloadable client was completed

27th February 2013Edit

  • The ESC key will once again switch your side-panel to the inventory.
  • A technical problem that had caused some of the game worlds to go offline has been fixed.
  • The server's internal log has been changed as it was getting spammed unnecessarily.
  • A quest animation was interrupting other game features and so has been fixed.

5th March 2013Edit

  • Player-Owned Houses are now accessible enabling the proper training of Construction.
  • The Slug Menace quest is now available, providing access to Proselyte armour.
  • A bug has been fixed that was making the Fishing Trawler fail to fill with water properly when sinking.
  • The food-rotting special attack of ghasts has been adjusted slightly to fix a bug.

13th March 2013Edit

  • The Barbarian Assault minigame is now accessible.

18th March 2013Edit

  • An issue has been fixed whereby holding down keys - such as the arrow keys or CTRL - for long periods caused a sort of click/input 'lag', and, in worst cases, disconnections.
  • As part of the recent policy change on unofficial gambling games, various items that were used for player-run games of chance in OldSchool RS have been changed to match the changes in RuneScape.

21 March 2013Edit

  • The Death to the Dorgeshuun quest is now accessible.
  • You can toggle the report option by right-clicking on the Report Abuse button.
  • Toy mice were giving too much Agility xp and have been fixed.
  • A minor animation bug in the Fremennik Trials quest when playing the lyre has been resolved.
  • A problem when talking to cats whilst having a follower has been fixed.
  • The following items voted for on the content poll have been implemented:
  1. Toggle run mode remembered between logins.
  2. Right-clicking on chat messages from your friends will more easily let you reply to them.
  3. Pressing 'tab' will reply to the last private message sent to you.
  4. Left-click to bank is now be available on bank booths.
  5. Pressing 'Enter' will now log you in after typing your username/password on the login screen

22nd March 2013Edit

  • Typing ::toggleroof into the chat box will now toggle between two options for removing roofs from buildings. Roofs will either be hidden or be shown selectively.

26th March 2013Edit

  • The Easter event from 2007 has been added to the game and will run until April 8th 2013.

4th April 2013Edit

  • Slayer masters will now check your Defence level is appropriate before assigning creatures which require special equipment that you don’t have the requirements to wear.
  • Fixed an issue when retrieving the diary pages in Royal Trouble quest.
  • There is no longer an infinite stock of certain slayer items.
  • Fixed a problem with Oaknock’s machine.
  • The “ALQ” fairy ring code now works properly and takes you to the Haunted Woods.
  • Improved the cannon ownership system to be more robust.
  • Hunter implings can only be caught by one person at a time.

5th April 2013Edit

  • The chat system now automatically detects certain kinds of website advertisement.