Priest in Peril is a medium length quest.  it is useful to do because it provides access to everything farther east of the River Salve.  To start it, speak to King Roald in the Varrock palace.


There are two level 30 monsters to be killed.




  1. Start the Quest by speaking to King Roald in the Varrock Palace.  He should be in the first room on the right on the first floor. He will ask you to check up on his friend, Drezel, who lives in a temple east of Varrock.
  2. Follow the road out of Varrock going east through the wooden gate until you get to the temple.  The doors will be locked.  Right click on the doors and select "Knock at doors"  Some people inside will talk, and then ask you to kill a dog in a mausoleum nearby.
  3. Go north of the temple a little until you see a mausoleum with a trapdoor in it.  Go down the trapdoor and kill the Guardian.  He is level 30.  Magic attacks do not work against him.
  4. Knock at the doors again and tell the people inside that the dog is dead.  They will tell you to return to king Roald.
  5. Go back to the palace and speak to Roald again.  He will be very upset that you killed the dog and tell you to go back and sort everything out.
  6. Go back to the temple.  Knock at the doors, and this time they will open.  Go up to the third level, where you will see a coffin and Drezel locked in a cell. Right click on the cell door to talk to him.  Drezel will ask you to get the key to his cell and to incapacitate the vampire in the coffin. 
  7. Go back downstairs and kill a level 30 Zamorakian monk.  He will drop a gold key.  This isn't the key to the cell.  Go to the mausoleum again and through the first door until you reach a round room with seven monuments surrounding a well.  Search the monument northeast of the well and you should see an iron key on it.  The rest of the monuments all have gold objects on them.  Use the gold key with the monument to get the iron key.
  8. Return to Drezel and speak to him again.  He will tell you to try the key on the cell door.  It will work.  Speak to him again to ask about how to incapacitate the vampire.  He will suggest getting a bucket of water from the River Salve.
  9. Go back to the round room with the monuments and use the bucket with the well in the center.  Bring the bucket of water back to Drezel.  He will bless the water.  Use the bucket of water on the coffin.  That will stop the vampire from attacking Drezel.  He will tell you to meet him in the monument room.
  10. Go down the trapdoor in the mausoleum again and this time go through both sets of doors.  Speak to Drezel again.  He will tell you that the river has been polluted by the Zamorakians.  You will recommend using rune stones to absorb all the magic.
  11. Give Drezel 50 rune stones.  They must be unnoted, so it will take two trips.  Once he has all the rune stones, the quest is complete.
    Priest in peril complete