Pure Essence is gathered in the same way as Rune Essence, but the difference being that it requires 30 Mining in order to harvest it from the Rune Essence Mines.  Pure Essence is better capable of absorbing magical energies than its weaker counterpart, Rune Essence.  While Rune Essence can be used to craft runes up to Body runes, it cannot craft Cosmic runes and upward.  

Gathering Pure EssenceEdit

Pure Essence is taken from the same place as Rune Essence, at the Rune Essence Mines, which requires the completion of Rune Mysteries Quest.  It is used in different Quests as well, including Priest in Peril .

Pure Essence UsesEdit

Pure Essence is used to craft the following types of runes.

  • Cosmic runes
  • Chaos runes
  • Astral runes
  • Nature runes
  • Law runes
  • Death runes