Quests are effectively the lore, or story, that pertains to Runescape.  As your Adventurer progresses through Quests, you may find interesting clues as to the history of Runescape, and while doing so unlock a variety rewards, such as different transportation methods, Skill Experience, various weapons or armour, and new monsters to slay.


List of all current Old-School Runescape Quests.


Mini-Quests offer a smaller variety of rewards, and are not listed in the Quest Journal Interface in Runescape.  While the rewards may be smaller, these quests have the tendency to further build the lore of Runescape.

Helpful Quest RewardsEdit

These Quests offer the variety of different, and useful rewards worthy of note.

  • ====Transportation Rewards====
  1. Enlightened Journey : Balloon Transport System
  2. Ghosts Ahoy : Ectophial teleports the Player directly to the Ectofunctis
  3. Fairytale Part Two - Cure a Queen : Access to Fairy Rings
  4. Plague City :  Spell that teaches the Player how to teleport to Ardougne
  5. Recipe for Disaster - Freeing Awowogei :  Ability to teleport to the Temple in Ape Atoll
  • ====Weapon/Armour Rewards====
  1. Merlin's Crystal : Excalibur
  2. Recruitment Drive : Ability to purchase Initate Armour Sir Tiffy.
  3. Slug Menace : Abillity to purchase Proselyte Armour from Sir Tiffy.
  4. Animal Magnetism : Ava's Attractor
  • ====Magic Rewards====
  1. Desert Treasure :  Access to the Ancient Magics by praying at the altar in the Desert Pyramid
  2. Lunar Diplomacy : Access to the Lunar Magics by praying at the Astral Altar on Lunar Isle
  3. Dream Mentor : Further Access to Lunar Magic spells.
  • ====Misc. Rewards====
  1. One Small Favour :  Key ring, allows you to store multiple keys.