Air Altar

A player using the Air Altar

Runecraft is the binding of magical energies into blank slates of stone called Rune Essence.  These Rune Essence seem to contain a surprising ability to absorb different energies, either from Rune Energy Altars, or from the world itself.  Once combined with a source of energy, Rune Essence will become charged, allowing the player to cast magic with the type of Rune it has become.  Basic Rune Essence cannot hold the same power as its more perfect counterpart, Pure Essence.  Pure Essence is capable of all the same feats as Rune Essence, but with the addition of higher level Runecraft, such as crafting Cosmic Runes, Chaos Runes and other types as well.  The first type of rune that a player is capable of making at level 1 Runecrafting is the Air Rune.  These runes provide a base for a large number of Magic Spells, typically in the Basic Spellbook.


Before a player can even consider Runecrafting, the player must have completed Rune Mysteries Quest in order to gain access to the Skill itself.  Once completed, the player will be awarded with an Air talisman and the ability to craft Air runes at the Air Altar.  From there, the player will have to find talimans in order to gain access to each respective altar, with each talisman reflecting the corresponding altar.  

By right-clicking and pressing "locate" on a talisman, the player will be given a direction that will lead them to each talisman's altar.

Note:  There is no Astral talisman as the Astral Altar is not located within Mysterious Runes.


Talismans may the first method of accessing the ruins that transport you to the altars, but they are not the most effective method of getting inside.  Talismans can be imbued into Silver Tiaras in order for them to be worn on the adventurer's head, allowing one-click access to any altar that requires a talisman.  By simply taking a blank Silver tiara to the rune altar that matches your talisman, and using the tiara, or talisman, on the altar with the other item in your inventory, you will combine the tiara and the talisman awarding a small amount of Runecrafting experience in the process.  Unlike most parts of Runecrafting, there is NO requirement for binding a talisman to a tiara.

Runecrafting BasicsEdit

The primary source of Experience gained from Runecrafting is found at the locations of Altars around the world.  By taking a blank Rune or Pure Essence to an Altar, you can then charge it with the Altar's inate magical energy.

Here is a list of the Runecrafting Altars available:

Types of RunesEdit

Each type of rune is required to cast a Magic spells.  The type of spell and its level will determine the types of rune and how many runes it will take in order to cast it.

Multiple RunesEdit

Gathering Runes can seem like a chore.  Luckily, as your levels progress, you will find the amount of runes you receive per rune/pure essence will greatly increase.

Runes Level and Multiples
Air Runes

11 = X2, 22 = X3, 33 = X4, 44 = X5, 55 = X6, 66 = X7,  77 = X8,

88 = X9, 99 = X10.

Mind Runes 14 = X2, 28 = X3, 42 = X4, 56 = X5, 70 = X6, 84 = X7, 98 = X8.
Water Runes 19 = X2. 38 = X3. 57 = X4. 76 = X5, 95 = X6.
Earth Runes 26 = X2, 52  = X3, 78 = X4.
Fire Runes 35 = X2, 70 = X3, 
Body Runes 46 = X2, 95 = X3
Cosmic Runes 59 = X2
Chaos Runes 74 = X2
Astral Runes 82 = X2
Nature Runes 91 = X2
Law Runes Cannot Runecraft more than one per essence.
Death Runes Cannot Runecraft more than one per essence.

The AbyssEdit

There are other, more dangerous methods of getting to your choice of altar.  The Abyss is filled to the brim with menacing abyssal monsters of various levels that can kill the unweary adventurer with ease.

Combination RunesEdit

Some runes can be brought to a different altar along with the same type of talisman to create the combined type of rune.