One of the ways of measuring your progress in Runescape is by your experience in Skills.  Old-School Runescape has access to twenty-three (23) individual Skills, some which rely on another Skill to advance.  

The Skills of RunescapeEdit

The Skills currently available in Old-School Runescape.  Summoning and Dungeoneering are NOT included in Old-School Runescape, and can only be found in the most up-to-date version of Runescape proper.

Skill TrainingEdit

Some Skills are designed to be used in conjunction.  For example, if you did not buy the materials, you would need to train Woodcutting to gather logs to train Firemaking, seeing as you cannot train Firemaking without some sort of logs.  Another example would be Cooking greatly benefits from training the Fishing Skill, as whatever you can catch from Fishing can most likely be used to train Cooking.

If you are having some difficulty finding out how to train some of these skills, look no further!  Skills Guides/Hints are on the way!