The Slayer skill allows players to hunt and kill some monsters that the player would otherwise not understand how to kill.  By advancing the Slayer skill, the player learns effective ways of killing these monsters.  Slayer monsters also drop rare items that often times, cannot be found anywhere else.  Some of these items include the Abyssal Whip and the Granite Maul.  The player begins training the Slayer skill by speaking to a certain Slayer Master, which best reflects their combat capabilities.  The player is then assigned a monster, given a number of them to kill, and for each monster killed, it will reward Slayer experience equal to its total hitpoints.  Once the player has finished slaying the amount of monsters assigned, then the player must return to a Slayer Master to receive a new assignment.

Slayer MonstersEdit

These monsters require a specific Slayer level in order to kill them.

Slayer EquipmentEdit

Some of these slayer monsters cannot be killed by conventional means.  Sometimes, a slayer monster can be extremely dangerous, or impossible to kill without a specific piece of equipment.

Slayer MastersEdit

In additon to being the source of equipment that all slayers can find handy, Slayer Masters provide all assignments that a player will need to progress.  Some masters give different assignments than others, also higher level masters usually give more slayer monster tasks, while lower masters may assign basic monsters which have less rare drops.