The Smithing Skill is used to craft weapons and armour from different ores found all over Runescape.  A Smith takes ores that they have mined to a Furnace to smelt, which gives experience.  The smelted ores will yield metal bars which will then be taken to an Anvil.  Using a Hammer and metalic bars at an anvil will create the different types of weapons and armour ranging from Bronze to Runite.

Basic Types of SmithingEdit

Each type of weapon or armor requires a different ore in order to be smelted at a furnace.

  • Bronze: Requires level 1 smithing, made by combining Copper ore and Tin ore at a furnace.
  • Iron:  Made by smelting Iron ore at a furnace; there is a chance of failure when smelting iron.
  • Steel:  Made by combining Iron ore and two Coal at a furnace.  
  • Mithril:  Made by combining Mithril ore and four Coal at a furnace.
  • Adamantie:  Made by combining Adamantite ore and six Coal at a furnace.
  • Runite:  Made by combining Runite ore and eight Coal at a furnace.

Special Types of Smithable OresEdit

There are other types of uncommon ores as well.  These ores typically require a Quest or a special circumstance in order to gather them.