The world of Runescape is a vast land.  But getting all the way from Varrock to Camelot can be quite the trail.  It might take a long time to walk all the way, and running cannot be done without frequent stops to catch your breath.  Obviously, there has to be some faster way, which is where transportation comes into play.


The use of Magic in Runescape provides a handful of spells readily at your fingertips to transport you instantly from point A to point B.  At a small cost, players are free to teleport from Varrock to Camelot, to Ardougne, Falador, or Yanille.  Most of the major cities have some sort of teleport available to players, and if not available immediately can be unlocked from a Quest. Also available to teleport directly to is the Player Owned Houses.

These cities all have teleports:

  • Home Teleport: Lumbridge (1 Magic, no charge)
  • Varrock (25 Magic)
  • Lumbridge (31 Magic)
  • Falador  (37 Magic)
  • Player-Owned-House  (40 Magic)
  • Camelot (45 Magic)
  • Ardougne (51 Magic) (Plauge City )
  • Watchtower/Yanille (58 Magic) (Watchtower Quest)
  • Trollheim (61 Magic) (Eadgar's Ruse )
  • Ape Atoll (64 Magic) (Recipe for Disaster)

Ancient MagicEdit

Ancient Magic Teleportation

Lunar MagicEdit

Lunar Magic Teleportation

Teleportation Quest RewardsEdit

A number of Quests also grant different methods of transport.  This can vary from a teleport to a balloon transport system.

  • Ballon Transport system:  Transportation system based on hot air balloon landing spots, requires completion of Enlightened Journey .
  • Ectophial:  Teleportation Item Reward from Ghosts Ahoy Quest compeletion
  • Fairy Rings : A large network of teleports, aquired by at least starting Fairytale Part Two - Cure a Queen.
  • Dwarven Minecart System:  No Quest requirement for immediate use, but some locations require Quests in order to travel.  The Ice Mountain Dwarven Minecart is only accessible after completion of Fishing Contest .