Tutorial Island

Tutorial Island. South of Wizard's Tower.

Tutorial Island.  The name is synonymous with many player's first experience with the world of Runescape.  Tutorial Island is the birthplace of your character's creation; here, players are given a variety of options upon logging in for the first time.  This island is located directly south of the Wizard's Tower, and south-west of of Lumbridge Swamp.  On this island, players must follow a tutorial in order to complete the tutorial and be moved to Lumbridge castle.


By following the instructions of each of the tutors, players advance their progress bar, located at the bottom of the screen.  Players begin by practicing the basics such as fishing, cooking, agaility controls, quests, combat, banking, prayer and finish up with the magic tutor.  Upon completion, players are transported to Lumbridge with a number of essential starting items.

After the TutorialEdit

After the tutorial is completed, if you find yourself a little lost there are a number of tutors located throughout Runescape to help you out.  Phineas, the Lumbrdge Guide, can help with a large assortment of different hints and tips.